DeathtoStock_Medium6As convenient as online auctions can be scammers are a real threat. It is very important to take the necessary steps to prevent yourself from losing money! No matter where you go on the internet scammers are lurking. If you’re buying an item off of eBay for example, try to be sure that the seller has a positive selling history of at least ten purchases or sells. Most of the time a scammer will have a new account with no history compared to an established and positive account.

If the account looks good be sure to make your purchase through PayPal instead of directly with the seller. PayPal is great at making sure your card info is secure and will most always provide your money back if you don’t receive your item or any other mishaps takes place.

On the flip side, if you are a seller make sure your packages have tracking numbers and be sure all expensive items have been insured by either you or the buyer. By protecting yourself and your money or items you will be smooth sailing through a successful online auction.